EpoFloor SF

EpoFloor SF is a two-part epoxy floor coating system that delivers a hardwearing and abrasion-resistant finish. It provides a smooth or slip-resistant surface and comes with a pigmented sealer topcoat for added protection and easy cleaning. This solvent-free solution is perfect for high-traffic areas and will enhance the look and durability of your flooring.

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EpoFloor SF is a highly advanced and versatile two-component epoxy floor coating system designed to provide a hardwearing and abrasion-resistant flooring solution. This system is solvent-free, making it an environmentally friendly choice for your flooring needs. The product is formulated to give a smooth or slip-resistant finish, depending on the floor's intended use.

This self-leveling epoxy system is perfect for concrete surfaces and other flooring types. The product is easy to apply and dries quickly, providing a seamless finish that is both durable and long-lasting. The high-build pigmented sealer provides a topcoat that is not only decorative but also easy to clean. This makes EpoFloor SF an excellent choice for areas that receive high foot traffic, such as commercial and industrial facilities, retail spaces, and showrooms.

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